At SoFine Foods we love good food and we work on our mission every day:

we prepare and sell plant based food that is not only healthy, sustainable and environmentally-friendly, but above all extremely tasty.

In 1963 we started making tofu, for the people who came from Indonesia to the Netherlands. Which makes us a pioneer in plant based food in this part of the world. Nowadays we offer an attractive and wide assortment of delicious plant based products for everyone: young and old, small or big eaters.

SoFine Foods is located in Landgraaf, in the south of the Netherlands, close to Belgium and Germany: a perfect starting point to provide all of Europe with our delicious products. Our modern state-of-the-art production facilities meet the highest quality standards.

Every day we are ready to fulfil the wishes of customers and consumers, and to exceed expectations in an innovative, sustainable and efficient manner. The most important thing is to get you and the world mad about our delicious plant based products.