Good for you and the planet.

The world is ready: if we want to feed more than 9 billion people, we have to replace animal proteins in our diets with vegetable proteins. And more and more people also want to do that: not only because vegetable food is much healthier or because it is better for the world, but mainly because it can be incredibly tasty. We at Sofine see that as an opportunity. We are inspired by dishes and delightful, authentic cooking trends from all over the world!

The world is ready for tasty animal-friendly and plant based products… and so are we!
Sofine is a food company with a mission: we prepare and sell vegetable food products that are delicious, but also healthy, sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Scientists from all over the world advise to eat less animal foods and replace them with vegetable foods.

Our ambition is to be the most valued innovative producer of delicious vegetable food.
Our committed people are enthusiastic about creating and preparing delicious products. This way we want to continually adapt our portfolio to the wishes of consumers and customers in a sustainable and efficient manner.

Apart from our current assortment, we are also developing a variety of promising concepts meat-, fish- and cheese alternatives.